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Financial strategic advice

The economic environment is changing constantly. The entrepreneur is challenged to anticipate and react to these developments.

  • What is my current market position and what are the future developments?
  • In which phase of the life cycle are my most important products?
  • Decide between market niches vs. economies of scale.
  • Make or buy, or outsource?

Erasmus Corporate Finance will be happy to assist you in preparing your financial survey by presenting and weighing the several alternatives. The basis is a good analysis of the company and its environment, its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We analyse the different scenarios and draw conclusions.

The outcome of the analysis can be: autonomous growth or growth by means of acquisitions, specialise or diversify, possibly split up te company or divestpart of it.

We can also assist the implementation of the chosen strategy.

Choices concerning the transfer of ownership of the company require a thorough analysis and clear decisions. In particular we also make recommendations on how to prepare your company before selling it. These are some examples of subjects we address:

  • Flexibility of the legal structure: Is there a holding and operating company structure, is the  company real estate in a separate company? What about pension reserves on the balance sheet? Are there fiscal limitations when selling an operating company?
  • Are all operations profitable? Are improvements to be achieved in parts of the company, or is a reorganisation adviseable?
  • Can unnessary assets be disposed of, or can large investments be postponed?
  • Is the second tier management of the company capable to continue the company?

Our analysis and the implementation of our recommendations provide a larger chance on a successful transfer and better sales conditions.

Which solution suits your objectives best? Erasmus Corporate Finance will be happy to assist you in these cases:

  • Expansion plans
  • Divestiture of company assets
  • Restructuring
  • Preparation of transfer of ownership

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