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The acquisition of a company usually is a sensitive process. Generally it is not advisable for the buyer to contact the potential takeover candidate himself, but to have an advisor do this. It is important to choose an adequate negotiation strategy. Moreover “chemistry” between seller and buyer or their both respective management teams should be encouraged.

Erasmus Corporate Finance gives guidance during all steps in the acquisition process. Sensitive subjects are preferably discussed by an external advisor such as ourselves in order not disturb the relationship between purchaser and seller.

The process of acquiring a company is similar to the sale process. Here the company strategy and the requirements of a possible target company are good starting points, after which a strategy is decided upon. Potential "targets" are approached without disclosure of our client's identity, in order to determine willingness to discuss a possible divestiture. We will collect information and prepare the initial bid , negotiate and accompany the process.

During a purchase process we can help you with:


  • Formulate tasks to be performed and define requirements of a possible target
  • Process structuring
  • Establish an acquisition profile
  • Identify targets
  • Collect information
  • Analyse and select targets


Phase 1

  • Approaching potential targets (on an anonymous basis)
  • Confidentiality letter to be signed
  • Company presentation and exchange information
  • Initial bid
  • Negotiations
  • Structuring of the transaction

    Phase 2
  • Letter or intent
  • Due diligence 
  • Financing finalises

    Phase 3
  • Signing and closing
  • Implementation

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