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Financing assistance

The financing structure of a company and financing instruments play an important role in optimising the value of the shares. We advise you in these aspects in case acquisitions are done, when considerable investments take place or when refinancing is considered.

Taking into account the cost of bankfinancing compared to the cost of equity we will determine the optimal relationship between the two for the longer term. Using of the right financing instruments will help optimising the value of your company.

Erasmus Corporate Finance can be of service in the following situations:

  • Financing of an acquisition
  • Management buy-out / buy-in
  • Financing of a large investment
  • Refinancing

Financings instruments which can be used:

  • Overdraft
  • (Mortgage backed) loans
  • Lease (operational and financial lease)
  • Postponed payment of a part of the purchase price (vendor loan)
  • Subordinated loans
  • (Cumulative) preferred shares
  • Ordinary shares

Venture Capital

Equity is part of the financing structure of a company. If a company needs external capital to finance expansion or acquisitions many parties are willing to look into participating in the company. They all have their own policy with respect to target groups (industries, scale, life cycle of the company, etc), return on investment, exit strategies and involvement in the management of the company. We know the parties that will be interested in your company and that best suit you and your company’s interests. These may be venture capitalists or informal investors. The financing instruments that participants can provide are important as these have a large influence on the return on the shares and the relative value in the hands of the management and external equity providers.

How we work

Before approaching several banks and/or equity partners we prepare a businessplan or an investment memorandum, in close cooperation with you. Then we select banks or other financiers after consultation with you and present the investment proposition together. We conduct the negotiations with you, after which the transactions can be documented and carried out.

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