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Mergers and Acquisitions, succession
We advise and manage sale - and purchase transactions of companies within the framework of company succession, spin-off and/or expansion. These include management buy-outs and management buy-ins in which a company is transferred to the managers of that company or to external managers. We are involved as independent advisors for the purchaser or for the seller, but never for both at the same time.

Financing support  
In many cases, the acquisition of a company or a large investment in production facilities requires complex financing structures and financing instruments. Based on the information supplied by our client we will prepare the application in such a way that an acceptable proposal can be made to the bank. By knowing the financing standards the different banks use we can assure that our assistance results in a high probability of acceptance by the bank. Furthermore, we can assist you in arranging private equity if desired or required in certain situations.

Company Valuation
The perceived value of a company may vary depending on the point of view of the different parties involved. For example, market circumstances or future developments may be perceived differently. Objective valuation methods are very helpful and are the basis for negotiations. And in the end, the result of these negotiations will determine the conditions of a transaction. Using our expertise in this field we will prepare an extensive valuation analysis by means of several valuation methods.

Financial strategy
Helping you define the strategic direction of your company is an important element of our service. Decisions on succession, growth potential, restructuring, divestitures, acquisitions and investments require in-depth financial analyses. In case of a spin-off or sale of the entire company we advise about the steps to be taken to achieve the best results.