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Company Succession

An issue that every entrepreneur at some point will have to deal with is how to organize the transfer of ownership of the company. In most cases this issue evokes emotions and frequently a decision about ownership transfer is postponed. Also, there may be rational arguments to delay the transfer of ownership: The entrepreneur still has many plans for the company and he is still in good health. His or her son or daughter is still too young or the possible MBI candidate is not yet ready for a takeover.

The preparation of the transfer can take much time, for example caused by fiscal restrictions. It is generally believed that is is better to start this process two years early than one day too late!

We will be glad to draw up a plan together with you so that step by step the desired result will be achieved.

Questions that will rise are: What are your personal or your financial objectives? What are the options? Maybe the solution is to sell to a strategic buyer, such as a competitor, or to sell to the management of the company (MBI) if they have financial resources?

Possibly your dream may come true when your son or daughter takes over the company. Arguments for and against will be weighed objectively and we will present a thorough recommendation.

One element of our recommendation will be the question when it is the right time for transfer. To this end an analysis of the company will be necessary dealing with the internal organisation, management and personnel, fiscal aspects and financebility of the company after transfer. Of course we can assist in implementing the transfer.

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